Home loan funding

It’s Not Yours Until It’s Funded

Home loan fundingMortgage approval isn’t final until it’s funded.  Things can change prior to the loan being closed that can affect a pre-approval such as changes in the borrowers’ financial situation or possibly, factors beyond their control like interest rate changes.
The benefits of buyer’s pre-approval are definitive: it saves time, money and removes the uncertainty of knowing whether the buyer is qualified. The direct benefits include:


Good advice to buyers is to do nothing that can affect your credit report until the loan closes. Opening new credit cards, taking on new debt for a car or furniture or changing jobs could affect the lender’s decision if they believe you may no longer be able to repay the loan.

  • Amount the buyer can borrow – decreases as interest rates rise
  • Looking at “Right” homes – price, size, amenities, location
  • Find the best loan – rate, term, type
  • Uncover credit issues early – time to cure possible problems
  • Bargaining power – price, terms, & timing
  • Close quicker – verifications have been made

It is a very common practice for mortgage lenders to require income and bank verifications and to re-run the borrowers’ credit one final time just prior to closing. Mortgage approval isn’t final until it’s funded.

Call the any of the CO-RE Group Agents to get the best advice and to guide you through the  sometimes rough waters of the home buying process. 719.219.9739

change locks after closing on a home

Changing Locks After Closing On Your Home



change locks after closing on a home

Do you know everyone who has a key to your home?

People usually keep a few spare keys on hand, sometimes entrusting one to a friend or neighbor that lives nearby as a backup in the event of a lockout or giving one to an extended family member who may use the house for any number of reasons. But is there anyone else with copies of your keys?

As your REALTOR® I do recommend that you change the locks on your home when moving into a new house to eliminate the possibility of any prior residents, contractors or REALTORS® holding on to a working key. Not all folks are thieves, but why take a chance? You can even upgrade to a “hi-tec” version when you are changing locks.

95% of online locksmith ads are scams, and locksmiths are among the most commonly reported complaints according to the Better Business Bureau. Some of the most common forms of scams include baiting customers with low prices and then price gouging after the service is provided, accepting cash only to limit a client’s ability to dispute charges, and claiming a whole new door handle is required when a lock could be easily picked in order to score an overpriced hardware sale.

While all of these scams can be frustrating and costly, one of the most dangerous is when a
scammer makes an additional copy of your key for personal use when changing locks in order to gain access to your home when you aren’t there. Few people would ever expect that their “so-called” locksmith might end up being their burglar as well.

Reliable, legitimate locksmiths can be hard to come by, especially when only 15 states in the United States require them to be licensed. And even in cities and states where licensing is enforced, there are still complaints about illegitimate locksmiths taking advantage of unsuspecting customers during the process of changing locks.

Don’t wait until you are locked out of your home, panicked and scrambling to find the fastest way back in, is not the time you want to make a decision about in whom you are about to entrust your home security. Finding a trustworthy locksmith starts with doing your homework, which is where most people make their fatal error.

The key is to have a trusted locksmith on hand in case the need for one should ever arise. Ask your REALTOR® for recommendations. This gives you all the time you need to read reviews, ask questions, and choose someone you feel is worthy of your trust. Not only will being prepared protect you from scammers, it will also make a lock-out situation a much less stressful experience than it otherwise would be.

The Mr. Rekey Locksmith Scam Survival Guide provides you with all the information you need to know to protect yourself against scammers and to find a locksmith you can count on. Being knowledgeable and proactive are the best ways to avoid becoming the next locksmith scam victim, so prepare yourself by finding a reputable locksmith today.

What’s Included In a Colorado Springs Home Inspection?


Should you arrange for a home inspection before you purchase a property? Absolutely. It’s one of the largest, if not THE largest investments in your life, making sure that everything is in working condition is a crucial matter!


When you buy a home, you don’t just get the beautiful brick fireplace or the gorgeous kitchen that made you fall in love with the place. You’re also stuck with any problems that are harder to spot with an untrained eye.

A home inspector will go from top to bottom through the property you’re thinking about purchasing. If you hire a reputable, licensed professional, they will provide you with a contract agreement that explicitly states what will be inspected. At the end of the process, you receive an in-depth condition report on a broad range of features in the home.

An inspector knows where and how to look for potential problems that could have huge financial implications for homebuyers. The last thing you want is a massive bill for an overhaul of the electrical system right after you just purchased the property. With an inspection report in hand, you’ll have the information you need to negotiate a fair price and avoid some of the surprise repairs that can spoil a new home for you.

Home inspectors can’t check every single detail of a home, but they do cover an impressive list of features. Here’s what a professional inspector should cover in routine a inspection:
*Exteriors – decks, patios, windows, doors, exterior trim, drainage, and grading.
*Roofing – judge the life expectancy and current condition of coverings, flashing, vents and chimneys, downspouts and gutters.
*Structures – crawlspaces and foundation, beams and structural posts, walls, insulation.
*Interiors – ceilings, floors, walls, doors, windows, stairs, stoves, and fireplaces.
*Attics – insulation, ventilation, water leaks, roof construction
*Kitchens and bathrooms – appliances, electrical, ventilation, showers and tubs, sinks, toilets, faucets, countertops and cabinets.
*HVAC – check functionality and cleanliness of heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment; vents and ducts; combustion air; gas piping.
*Plumbing – identify materials, water and gas shutoffs, water heaters, water pressure, fixtures.
*Electrical Systems – main panel, wiring to house, wiring material in house, outlets, grounding, light fixtures, switches, GFCI protection
*Garages – openers and doors, electrical, insulation, walls, floors.
Safety features – CO2 detectors and smoke detectors.



If you have any questions about Colorado Springs home inspections, Steve Willis of Willis Home Inspection is a great resource for local homeowners. Email Steve at stevewillis411@gmail.com or call him at 719-499-3221 to talk about your home inspection needs with an American Society of Home Inspectors certified professional.

free-homebuyer seminar

4 Reasons You Should Buy a Home Now – Seminar

free-homebuyer seminar

4 Reasons You Should Buy a Home Now Seminar

  • Learn the important concepts of Strategy.Timing. Analysis.Results
  • Find out how you can qualify for a home loan
  • Learn how current interests rates are impacting the buyer’s market
  • Find out what homes are selling for in the neighborhood you want to live in

When:  October 15, 2016 from 10 a.m. to noon

Where: Legacy Title Office, 3630 Sinton Rd #300, Colorado Springs, CO 80907



buyer home seminar



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Summer Party Tips: Throw a Successful Backyard Party

SUMMER PARTYNow that we’re in the swing of summer, it’s time to start planning your next backyard party. To do it right, you’ll need to prepare a few things like food, drinks and the set-up. Whether you keep it small with only close friends or have a full-blown celebration with a giant group of people, these tips will guarantee the party’s a success.


Set Up Appealing Tables


Create eating areas people want to be at, communal spaces for lingering and laughing. Line the tables with brown craft paper, which makes cleanup mindlessly simple. Leave a few packs of crayons on the tables to give party guests another way to interact. For a more formal event with a seating chart, write place labels right on the paper. Also, add a classy touch with stemless flowers floating in bowls of water as a table centerpiece.


Bar cart and drink stations


People love having choices so set up a drink-mixing station to give them options. A bar cart is the perfect way to keep your alcohol separate from the non-alcoholic drinks, and easy to roll inside when it needs refreshing. Make sure it’s stocked with ice, summer options like lemonade, punches, sparkling wines, and fresh fruit. Berries, sliced lemons and limes will instantly take any drink to the next level.


Furniture and seating areas


No matter how beautifully your tables are decorated, your guests will want a separate area to lounge after they’ve finished their meals. Keep in mind that some people will naturally congregate in larger groups and some will prefer something more intimate. Don’t have enough outdoor furniture or it looks sparse? Move furniture from inside to outside. It will help things look a little more eclectic. At the very least, add some throw pillows to make the environment cozy.


Have a variety of food options


It’s important to make sure everyone will have something to eat. Make sure you have enough options to ensure vegetarians and vegans will have options. If you have invitations, consider asking for dietary preferences or restrictions there. Grilling? Keep one side of the grill for meat and one for vegetables or sides, thereby making sure vegetarians or non-meat eaters are kept happy. A burger or taco bar is a great way to minimize the work for yourself all while allowing people to have exactly what they want.

Light up the party


Think about the lighting aspect before it gets dark. Hang some lights from the trees: globe lights for an Italian restaurant feel, or even Christmas lights strung around a few trees. Tiki torches, candles or hurricane lanterns work for tabletop lighting. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit not only adds light (and warmth, if it gets cool at night), but can quickly become the new centerpiece of the party. S’mores, anyone?


A little extra thought about the party detail beforehand will ensure your guests are blown away by the results. Little touches, like labels at a place setting, will take your party from a casual gathering to a lovely evening spent with friends and family.



Sparkling Wine Drinks To Celebrate Your Housewarming


A housewarming party should be a celebration of a new beginning, new hopes, new dreams, and welcoming friends and family to the space where all the new memories will be made.

A crucial part of any housewarming party is delicious drinks. Armed with a bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine and some orange juice, anyone can whip up a mimosa cocktail. However, many people are intimidated about creating more unique cocktails. Maybe because the recipes require more than two ingredients or maybe because people think these drinks are impossible to make unless you’re a bartender.

The following cocktail recipes will prove those fears wrong and hopefully inspire you to take your sparkling wine cocktails to the next level.

Mango-Orange Bellini


For something similar to the classic mimosa, and just as fruity, try a bellini. Puréed mango and orange juice blend together to create a refreshing and summery drink. The best news? They’re easy to make. All you need is a blender, and you’re set mixing the mix with some sparkling wine.


Sparkling White Sangria

white sangria

Apples, oranges and nectarines keep this version of sangria sweet, frozen grapes keep it cool and sparkling wine keeps it bubbly. This version uses white instead of red wine because it’s lighter and perfect for a hot summer day. To mix it up, you can get creative with the fruit choices, amounts of alcohol, and sweeteners.

Strawberry Mimosa

strawberry mimosa


Summer means strawberries are at peak season ensuring they are fresh, cheap and easy to find. Mixed with pink moscato, this cocktail is a perfect representation of summer in a glass. You may want to go ahead and make a pitcher as this is a classic hit will rack up a ridiculous amount of sips.


Raspberry Champagne cocktail





10 Tips to Make Home Cleaning Simple


Spring cleaning is a great idea, but most of us rarely are able to save our cleaning for just once a year. It’s not everyone’s favorite activity, but here are some tricks to make cleaning your home easier and just a little bit less stressful. If your home in Colorado Springs is exposed to the elements, it could be a great idea to hire a home cleaning company to take care of the exterior while you tidy up inside.


  1. Create a plan
    1. Figure out how the house will be cleaned, in what order, whether that depends on importance or on level of simplicity. With a plan, cleaning the entire house is not only manageable, but checking things off a list will make you feel much more productive.
  2. Know when to hire a professional
    1. While a plan is great, you need to be practical with what you can do, and what you can’t. When it comes to gutter cleaning, washing the exterior of your home or touching up a paint job, know when to call in a little help. Plus, less things for you to do means you’ll be finished with the entire cleaning process faster.
  3. Clean top to bottom, back to front
    1. There’s no sense cleaning baseboards before you’ve dusted the ceiling, windows or window coverings. Similarly, clean from a corner, working your way out of the room so you’re not tracking any dust, dirt or debris back over where you’ve already cleaned.
  4. Steam clean
    1. If you have access to a steam cleaner, use it! Tile, wood floors, laminate flooring all are easily cleaned with steam, and everything else can be easily wiped away. Curtains, bedding and other fabrics can also be steamed for easy cleaning.
  5. Microfiber cloths to wipe everything
    1. Rather than a duster, which spreads dust everywhere, use a microfiber cloth for cleaning. Not only does it dust, but it can get wet and will work with your favorite cleaner. Buy a few extra to keep cleaning easy, and throw them all in the washing machine when you’re done with them.
  6. Shower curtain liner in washing machine with towels (low heat and no dryer, because it’ll melt)
    1. Have a dirty, slimy or grimy shower curtain liner? Spraying and wiping it can be a hassle and awkward, so make life easier and clean it the easier way. Add it to a load of towels and the washing machine will do all the work for you. After the wash cycle is done, take it out before putting everything else in the dryer; the heat of the dryer could melt the liner, so hang it up to dry instead.
  7. Put curtains in the dryer
    1. Any lightweight curtains that are easy to take down can be put in the dryer, on a low setting, for 10 to 15 minutes for an easy cleaning. They’ll be wrinkle-free, dust-free and come out smelling nice when the cycle’s done.
  8. Clean as you go
    1. This’ll not only help when you’re trying that new recipe, but will ultimately make life easier, with no end-of-the-day kitchen messes to clean up when all you want to do is go to bed. Whether it’s wiping down the microwave as dishes splatter, doing dishes as you use them or cleaning off surfaces every night to ensure you’re not waking up to a messy kitchen island or coffee table.
  9. Fridge every week
    1. Choose a day, and make a point to clear out the fridge of old, smelly or unused food each week. It’s a good excuse, too, to clean the fridge’s surfaces and wipe out the drawers, keeping it smelling and looking clean.
  10. Boil a cup of water in the microwave to steam off messes
    1. If cleaning the microwave eludes you, and sounds like the worst activity, trying to get your hand and arm into weird positions to clean the inside, try this trick. Fill a microwave-safe bowl or glass halfway with water, and add a teaspoon of white vinegar. Put it in the microwave for five minutes, and when it’s done, you have a steam-cleaned microwave, and anything previously stuck on the microwave’s walls now will wipe off easily.


The combination of using these tips and breaking your cleaning up into different focus areas will make maintaining a clean home easier than you’d expect. Stick to a plan, whether it’s a weekend chore list, or a weekly reminder to clean up just one thing, and your home will see a major difference.




Seminar preparing your home to sell

Preparing Your Home To Sell (in 2 days)

Seminar preparing your home to sell


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FREE SEMINAR: Preparing Your Home to Sell

May 7, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Imagine Classical Academy at Indigo Ranch

6464 Peterson Rd, Colorado Springs 80923

***Gift Card Raffle***

Speakers will discuss biggest bang for the buck

Decorating and Landscaping

and will review


RSVP to Lynn@co-regroup.com

rancher in D-12 for sale

Large, Modern Rancher in Cheyenne Mountain

Ranch Home for sale in Cheyenne Mountain for sale
This large patio home with ranch layout in the coveted Broadmoor neighborhood is exactly what you have been searching for:

Located on a short flag lot setting, this home offers both: plenty of privacy, and low maintenance living. Observe deer as they feed right outside your door. Enjoy your well manicured green space surround surrounding your home on one of the many sunny Colorado day. Beautiful Cheyenne Mountain views are enjoyed from inside and outside.

West side rancher for sale in Colorado springs

This welcoming home makes you want to kick off your shoes and relax, with a comfortable ambience. You will fall in love with the refined, individual elegance of this modern rancher.

As an added with benefit of local elementary schools in walking distance and neighbourhood parks and even state parks close by.

4880 Spanish Heights Colorado-small-005-2-Living Room-666x444-72dpi

Wooden floors are stretching from the living room the kitchen and hallways and give the living area a warm natural glow. 4880 Spanish Heights Colorado-small-004-4-Living Room-666x444-72dpi

Whether you want to curl up in front of the fire place or entertain many friends, the large main level allows for many uses.4880 Spanish Heights Colorado-small-007-28-Dining Room-666x444-72dpi

Will you have a large dining table in this space or will you find a different use, that is tailored to your life style? Again easy flow from one living space to another with many opportunities to individualize this rancher.

4880 Spanish Heights Colorado-small-009-7-Kitchen-666x445-72dpi

4880 Spanish Heights Colorado-small-012-8-Breakfast Area-666x444-72dpi

A large bay window with beautiful bench seating offer you several dining options. Play around, find what works best for you. Step out onto the patio to enjoy a lovely Colorado morning or sit on the bench and gaze outside watching the snow fall, while drinking a hot cocoa.4880 Spanish Heights Colorado-small-013-10-Master Bedroom-666x444-72dpi

Step outside onto the patio directly from your master bedroom. Here you will find as well large window to make this room bright and sunny.

4880 Spanish Heights Colorado-small-015-12-Master Bathroom-666x444-72dpi

Enjoy an updated master bathroom with garden tub and large walk in shower adjoining the master bedroom.

4880 Spanish Heights Colorado-small-016-15-Bedroom-666x444-72dpi

The front main level bedroom allows a view directly onto Cheyenne Mountain through the view scenic windows!

If you have ever wanted to live her, then please call today for your personal showing! 719-321-0800

skyway rancher for sale colorado springs

Oasis of Serenity in Skyway

skyway rancher for sale colorado springs

This Skyway home displays many classic features of a mid century modern home such as large Sliding-glass doors and other expansive panes of glass allow light to enter rooms from multiple angles. The overall feel of this home is accented by large, airy rooms that have multiple outdoor views, or multiple access points, encouraging an appreciation of healthy living. A low sloping roof and some post and beam accents complete the exterior of this contemporary ranch style home.

skywat ryncher for sale

Though built in the 60’s this custom home has been impeccably maintained and upgraded to today’s modern standards. It is a retreat from an exciting day in Colorado with peaceful ambiance.

colorado springs westside skyway rancher

The semi circular driveway allows for plenty of room for several cars – perfect if you like to entertain and have your guests park in your driveway. It also makes a great place to play a game of hoops – especially since the basketball hoop is already there! Afterwards, enjoy the afternoon sun on your large front patio under the pergola.

colorado springs westside skyway rancher

As you enter the home a hallway will guide you to the kitchen and the living room area. The rooms are bright and large. Spread out!  Cooking in this newly updated gourmet kitchen is not a chore anymore: New stainless steel gas range, dishwasher, and oven.

colorado springs westside skyway rancher

This home has 3 very large bedrooms, including 2 master bedrooms, with one on each level, with adjoining bathrooms. It’s a set up that is perfect for the multi generational family. After years of separating, taking care of family is back “in style” – multigenerational living is such a wonderful trend.

colorado springs westside skyway rancher
colorado springs westside skyway rancher
colorado springs westside skyway rancher
colorado springs westside skyway rancher
A special feature is the family room or “flex room” with a wood fireplace. You can use this flex room as a family room guest room, playroom or maybe even as a formal dining room!
colorado springs westside skyway rancher
Since the basement is a walk out basement, it is not dingy and dark, but bright and open. A large rec room leading into an additional media room distinguishes these rooms visually without actual walls separating the areas. It provides a wonderful flow. Two more bedrooms of which one is a secondary master bedroom are available to you in the basement.
colorado springs westside skyway rancher
Outdoor living is possible during all 4 seasons: Step out into the enclosed patio in the wintertime, the upper covered deck at over 50 ft in size, lends itself to happy outdoor time  in spring, fall and summer. Enjoy the large backyard to do as much or as little gardening as you wish. The large enclosure was erected in order to keep deer away from the yummy fruits and vegetables which the owner grew here in the past 30 years.
741 Scorpio Circle Colorado-small-035-33-Patio-666x444-72dpi
741 Scorpio Circle Colorado-small-034-25-Lower Level Sunroom-666x444-72dpi
colorado springs westside skyway rancher
This home is well loved and neatly maintained. A home inspection is available for review.